Home CheckUp Inspections

We now offer Home CheckUp inspections

Your family members get regular checkups, why not your house, as well?

We offer "Home CheckUpP" inspections ONLY for customers who are NOT currently buying or selling homes. This type of inspection is designed to provide valuable maintenance and planning information for people who already own their homes and who are not planning to sell in the near future.

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We Can Help You Keep Your Home Healthy

We have been helping homeowners learn more about their homes for over 25 years, serving more than 18,000 good people like you who keep telling us that they'd recommend us to anyone... especially their families, friends, and neighbors! We have developed a menu of special services for people who already own their own homes and just want to make sure that everything is still performing well.

You already know a lot about your house...

Because you are living in your house, you already know which windows and doors are working correctly. You also know whether your major plumbing fixtures and some of your major appliances are performing well.

...but what you DON'T know could hurt you

​You probably don't go into your crawl spaces or attics, climb onto your roof, or get into your electrical panels, do you? Even if you do, you might not know exactly what to look for. 

Don't risk expensive surprises!

Not knowing about some types of problems can cost you thousands of dollars!​ 

Certain problems can even threaten the health of your family. Every week we inspect homes for prospective buyers that have suddenly become very difficult to sell because of significant previously undiscovered issues.

We Offer The Following Stand-Alone Inspections:

Stand-alone Electrical Panels Inspection
Stand-alone Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Inspection
Stand-alone Plumbing Inspection
Stand-alone Roof Inspection
Stand-alone Attic Inspection
Stand-alone Crawl Space Inspection
Stand-alone Exterior Grading & Drainage Inspection







Combine Inspections & Save 

Any TWO of the stand-alone inspections 
Any THREE of the stand-alone inspections
Any FOUR of the stand-alone inspections




Get ALL SEVEN of the stand-alone inspections, only $195.

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Let us help reduce your risks and deliver peace of mind