Mold Testing

Why is mold an important issue?
  • Although mold has been around since earliest recorded history, recent media hype has raised everyone’s awareness and levels of concern. Prospective homebuyers are now, more than ever, worried that their new homes might have mold threats ranging from actual physical reactions to unfortunate market reactions.
  • If anyone planning to spend considerable time within a building is known to be reactive to mold, it’s a good idea to have a complete mold inspection performed up front, as it often costs a lot of money to remediate for mold enough to help that person be comfortable and to protect their health. (We’ve seen those people who truly suffer spend a lot of time and money with asthma-allergy physicians trying to cope with symptoms that probably could have been avoided.)
  • However, even if no one planning to spend time within a house is reactive, the presence of mold can ultimately have a very large effect on their pocket books … especially if it is later discovered through a home inspection while trying to sell.
  • Ironically, we’ve watched many people become as concerned over future market reactions as with their actual health concerns. Either way, mold is a very important issue in the marketplace!

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