Sprinkler Inspections

Sprinkler Inspections

Why Should I Have a Sprinkler System Inspection?

Because the Treasure Valley presents an arid climate, most homes have sprinkler systems to automate the irrigation of their lawns and landscaping. Those automated systems are designed to hopefully keep everything green during the spring, summer, and fall months. However, a lot of different issues can arise.

Possible Winterization Problems:  Since we must blow the water out of the systems to protect them from freeze damage during the winter, we often find freeze damage in the spring when we turn them back on … especially if they were not properly winterized.

Freeze Damage:  Buried piping can incur freeze damage during deep frosts that can lead to expensive flooding of adjacent crawl spaces or basements if systems are not thoroughly winterized.

Broken Heads: Sprinkler heads can be damaged by deep frosts, lawn mowers, heavy truck wheels, dogs, etc. This damage often goes unnoticed by homeowners until other consequences develop.

Inoperative Spray Heads: Sometimes heads just stop working correctly because of blockages or gear failures, which can lead to expensive loss of vegetation before becoming noticed.

Misdirected Water Spray:  If spray heads continuously wet siding and/or windows, this can cause expensive damage.

Purposely Hidden Problems:  We often find that sellers will choose to pull hoses and set additional manual sprinklers to prevent problem areas from turning brown while their homes are on the market. This deception can leave buyers to discover sprinkler system deficiencies after taking possession.